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Saturday, September 19, 2015



Just Heard of the Passing Of Member Fred Walters
RIP    Many Thoughts and Prayers To Family and Friends

Friday, September 11, 2015


Standing Fall League 2015::::::::               Tie

Cherokees    (Frankie Cruz)           5-1        1

Navajos        (Lenny Day)              1-6

Apaches        (Sid Heuton)             4-3

Seminoles     (Mike Schwartz)       3-3         1



2015 Early Fall Schedule 

Monday, July 6, 2015



Dobermans  (Jim Englert)             10-5
Terriers        (Jerry Sherwin          8-7
Bull Dogs    (Sixten Larsen)         6-9
PitBulls        (Frankie Cruz)          6-9

Thanks to all !!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Brighthouse Game Notes

We at 3 Score would like to Thank all those who made our day at
Brighthouse field something special. Bill Potter, who tirelessly worked the
Phillies management for everything we had on the field and at the food stands.
plus the great First pitch ceremony for Fred Walters. Super Job !!   BILL.
  Also, a big thanks to J.D. Brown for doing the tickets, Collecting the money
for Charity and getting the names down of those who played. Great Job J.D.
  What can we say about Al Corcoran, a man who does so many things for our club.
A tireless worker who is always there for us. He sold tickets, collected money.
umpired the games and took pictures of the ceremony. Another Great Job Al !!
We want to thank John Vito and Tony Coppola for umpiring the games.
Then we have Jack Corcoran who donated and raised a bunch of money for
tickets and Charity.  Good Job Jack !!!
   A Special Thanks to Frances and Basil Whiteford for there generous donation
to the Cancer Fund and all the Kids and Kubs who came to play against our
3-Score National League Club. Great playing Kids & Kubs and I think more
women played in these games then ever before.
  We also want to thank Dimmitt Automotive group and Dick Norris Buick for
there generous support in donating money for tickets and Charity.
   And last we have our whole membership to thank for giving so much money
to buy tickets and donate to charity.. Great Job 3-Score !!!!!
The Lord blessed us with a great day to play ball, and that we did. We played our
butts off and had a super good time. We did pretty good eating burgers and dogs
also.     But the best part of the day was when Fred Walters whole family came down
to the field  for pictures and Fred throwing out the First Pitch. They all looked so
proud of him.  I looked in Fred's eyes and saw how happy he was and, By GOD,
that made our day. We Did it 3-Score. We made Fred Walters the happiest man on
earth. Give a big hand to all members and family and friends of our Super club
for a successful day in the SUN !!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cubbie 2015 Cruise

There is now info posted on a link to the left on the Blog.
Check out the info on Cubbies' 4th annual Cruise.
Any questions please contact him.  Check LINK

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On July 27, 2014 the 3-Score group Was featured on
Charley's World..  Charley Belcher Did his show at the fields.
Excellent job on the league... Here are a few Photos. thanks to
all that made this happen... Also there is now a link on left side of Blog. It is one of the segments from Charley's show this day.
Check it Out !!!! You may see yourself..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Local News Anchors Play with 3 Score teams

A few of the teams had a chance to play with local

ABC Action News anchors    John Thomas & Bill Logan,

John played on the Gray 3-Score team and Bill Played

on the green team..  Both played well as did there 3-score

teammates,,  Bill played on the winning team for the day.

Interviews followed and players told them about our league.

Also about the volunteer work we do for the city..

A good time was had by all..  Some photos of the day.

Again John is in the Gray 3-score and Bill the Green.