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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dues and Uniform's

 Just a reminder.. We are fast approaching the NEW YEAR 2015

Dues are DUE !!!!   ($50.00)   and as you know we have gone to

the new Black Pants... If you have not paid or ordered pants yet.

Please see Phil Man or  Al Corcoran  ..   Thanks for your help.

3 Score  Softball

Happy Holidays


This FRIDAY    DEC.  19  We will Play at NORTON FEILD

MONDAY  DEC.22   National & American Leagues
Will Be Playing Back at Fields # 1 2 3 4 5 6  &  7
At The EDIIE C. MOORE Complex.
Our Home Fields...   


Again Monday Dec. 22  Back to the Eddie C. Moore Complex's

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Standing For Holiday Session::       

Dolphins        (Bill Brasfield)              4-5
Ravens           (Lenny Day)                  4-5 
Rams              (Mike Davis)                 4-4      TIE 1   
Eagles             (Bob Kelly)                   6-3
Steelers           (Frank Cruz)                  4-5
Browns           (Bob Patton)                  4-4       TIE  1  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brighthouse Game

Mr. Cub is looking for someone to take over the running
of the annual Brighthouse Game...  He will educate you on how
to sell the tickets and pick the teams.. Please let him know if
you are interested....   See him at the Fields...   THANKS

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New 3 Score Softball Shorts & Long Pants

New shorts and Long Pants have arrived.    If you have not gotten a pair and you paid for them
please see Phil M  or Bill S.   A little hectic given them out so we could have missed someone
Please see Al Corcoran if you have not paid 2015 dues. Shorts or Long Pants will be part of the 2015 payment schedule...  THANKS
I am putting in a second order if anyone would like to order a pair of Long Pants
Please let me Know. You can post here <<<<<<<


Here are prices and sizes for new shorts and Long pants
If you would like to Pre Order a Pair Please see Phil Mansueto or Bill Schies
Prices and sizes below

Black Shorts With Kelly Green/White Stripes
 Small to Extra Large     $35.00
     Double Extra Large       $41.00  
          Triple Extra Large         $45.00        

Black Long Pants With Kelly Green/White Stipes
Small to Extra Large        $42.00
 Double Extra Large           $46.00
  Triple Extra Large               $49.00

Any Questions please contact an Officer Or Board Member

A little update on New Shorts and Long Pants.
We have 100 pairs of shorts on Order.
If you would like to order a pair of Long Pants See Phil Or Bill they have to be ordered


Small  30-32
     Medium 34=36
 Large 38-40
     X-Large 40-42
2 xl  44-46
3 xl  48-50

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Late Summer // Early Fall Standing

Final Standing Congrats to All:::::::::::::::::::::::::

WILDCATS :::::   (Bob Patton Mgr.)            10-5

GEEZERS:::::  (Mike Schwartz  Mgr.)          4-11

HEARTBURN:::  (Lenny Day  Mgr. )           7-8

FLAT TIRE::::  (Frank Cruz   Mgr. )             9-6

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On July 27, 2014 the 3-Score group Was featured on
Charley's World..  Charley Belcher Did his show at the fields.
Excellent job on the league... Here are a few Photos. thanks to
all that made this happen... Also there is now a link on left side of Blog. It is one of the segments from Charley's show this day.
Check it Out !!!! You may see yourself..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

ABC Action News Video

 Hi Ya'll  ,

    The video of our  3-Score league that was shown

on ABC action news on Sat. is now on the LINK section

of the blog.  Just click on it.. It takes a while to load so

be Patient... A short commercial comes on first.

Then the video..  Post some comments on it ...

Would like to know your opinions ..

Thanks to Tom Pascale for setting it up.